Hello Golden Doodle Spot ,
Our name is Tom and Joan Blake.  We received "Rose" as a gift from Nancy Scott.  She is a black Goldendoodle.  We picked her up from the airport in Raleigh, North Carolina on January 29,.  We thought you would like to see her now, at nine months old.  We did change her name to "Indy" as she came to us from you, in Indiana.  She is a delight!!!  She has been such a good puppy and so sweet.  You did such a good job starting to crate her and we can't tell you how helpful the Crate Training Schedule you sent with her was.  We followed it exactly as you suggested and it was amazing...she was house trained in no time and knows that when we go out, that is her spot.  We expected to be up all night the night we brought her home.  BUT, to our surprise, we put her in the crate at 11pm as your schedule suggested and we did not hear a sound out of her until we took her out of the crate at 7 am.  Such a GREAT schedule, thank you.  She has never gotten up or cried during the night.  She sticks to her schedule as well.

Just wanted to give you an update and let you see how big she has gotten. She is the 4th miniature schnauzer we have had.  The other three lived at least 15 years.  Two of them were sisters.  Hopefully, Indy will have a long and healthy life as well.
Thank you for such a wonderful puppy.

Tom and Joan


Dear Golden Doodle Spot Home:

On April 3, I adopted the Goldendoodle Buzz and you shipped him to me in Texas.  I just wanted to update you that Buzz is doing great and is a wonderful dog.  He is friendly and loves all people and all dogs he meets.  The junior high kids at the bus stop on the corner of our block adopted him as their mascot and love to see him every morning that school is in session.  I took him with me to visit family in Colorado a couple of weeks ago and he was a great traveler.  He loved the cool mountain air and all the new smells to smell and people to meet.  I could tell from the moment he arrived that he was a happy, well-adjusted dog, so it is clear to me that you do an outstanding job raising puppies.  Thank you for preparing Buzz to be happy in his home.




Hi Deb!
I don't know if you remember me .... My husband bought a Goldendoodle from you 11 years ago . Her name was Angel. We changed it to Daphne and just wanted you to know that today is her 12th birthday and she's doing great! She's still the " princess" of the house. We have two Labs that weigh approx 90lbs each and she RULES the roost! They move out of her way!!
Have a great day


We just wanted to let you know that our new little girls are doing fine! We love them both. After thinking it over for awhile we decided to keep the same names that you had given them. Mary is now Mary Elizabeth and Maggie is Magdaline Mae. Maggie is much heavier than Mary but Mary seems to rule the roost! We recently lost out 14 year old female Goldendoodle (Gizmo) and didn't really plan on adding another member to our family for awhile. So instead....we added TWO! Mary and Maggie are awesome! They are quick learners who are definitely keeping us busy, busy, busy! There will never be a replacement for our Gizzie but these two love bugs sure are special! We LOVE them BOTH!

Greg and Rhonda Andrews


Good morning Angela,

Just a few pictures of Della. She is doing great and good friends with both Sydney and Bree.

Thank you again and everyone at Golden Doodle Spot Home.



Hi, this is Anika Ezell again, Baxter Ezell's mommy. I know it has been a while now since I have updated you on Baxter's progress. We have been quite busy here, but I am very pleased to announce that Baxter had become a "big brother" himself to Carter Matthew Ezell. Baxter is quite the babysitter as you can see in the photos! Lol he checks on the baby regularly and often is right there at the slightest wimper to offer a sniff and lick of comfort! Lol He LOVES his big "sissy" and "lil brother." He has become very protective of us all.
Baxter is continue to grow healthy although he could lay off bringing me dead lizards. He loves to play chase with them! Lol he continues to be a very active handsome little dog. He completes our little family. Enjoy the pictures and have a blessed day!


Hi Angela,
 There are so many times I think of you when I watch my beautiful Phobe be the exceptional dog that I am living with.  Whether it is jumping up and down in front of the television when any living creature of the animal kingdom is being shown, or up and down on her hind legs at the lanai door (mostly glass so you can see her belly) because I've come home and she knows it or when she's racing around the yard playing with her buddy, Sparky, she's a party waiting to happen!
 I remember you saying that she was growing into her personality when I was asking for a description of her character; well, she has turned out to be all about life and fun.
Her favorite toy is a ball followed closely by any other toy that she can get in her mouth as well--preferably a long towel or small blanket that floats out like a cape behind her as she runs from you.  She dives under beds commando style to retrieve her ball if that's where it rolls. Towel and all! 
 Phoebe is a tad bit of a barker now, always with justification, but needs to have the last bark which always makes me laugh.  She's a good guardian of the house.
 Her playful moves with Sparky who is 2 1/2 pounds lighter than her are hilarious.  She lowers her shoulder to the ground and rolls to give him a chance when they are tumbling.  When he is frightened, she stays close.  She "chews on him" in the morning as a wake up.
 As you can tell, we think she is top notch.  I imagine you wonder how all of your "babies" are doing; I would, so here's our report at 1 1/2 yrs.  Her health is fairly good.  Most of the health issues have been either allergy or urinary tract.  Not continual, but those two issues.  The allergy issue we are handling with Apoquel and the urinary tract with antibiotics.  She weighs in at 16.6 lbs.
 All is well; we think Phoebe is exceptionally special.  Thank you for all you did to give us this living treasure.  Hoping your life is as blessed.


Hi Angela,

We have Admiral home with us. We are so happy he is here with us. I've attached a picture I took of him yesterday. Thanks again for coordinating everything.

All the Best,
Despina DiPaola 


Dear Golden Doodle Spot Home team,
I wanted to thank you so much for our loving new family member, Penny Lane (Harmony, born 10/30/14). I fell in love with her very first puppy picture and those big, soulful eyes! Her personality matches her looks entirely. She is incredibly loving, sweet, and eager to please. She likes learning new tricks and picks them up quickly. She really enjoys playing with other dogs and is polite with small children. Her coat is turning more gorgeous by the day and she's huge! Already 3.5 pounds at 6 months. I would highly recommend your business to anyone searching for a puppy.

Thanks again,


I wanted to give you a quick update on Pepper and a photo. Pepper's new name is Walter and he is doing great and adjusting to his forever home. He is getting a long great with our other dogs and has found a best playmate in our Schnauzer/Cairn mix Libby. We are making some progress on potty training and will keep working at it! In photo 1, Pepper and Libby (all black) are chewing on different ends of the same beef bone while our cairn terrier Molly looks on. Photo 2 is from 2004 showing our first 2 westies, Frosty in the background and Norman in the foreground. I lost Norman in October last year, but i think the resemblance between Norman and Pepper is amazing. Photo 3 is of our beloved Shiba Inu, Mac, whose quirky behavior keeps us entertained. A special shoutout and thanks to Dani who made us feel welcome and so comfortable on our visit to pickup Pepper!  


I just want to let you know that Pax (whom I shall call Becket) arrived here safely. He is so playful and all my other Bichons are already playing with him. He is not the least bit shy! Please know that he will have a loving home with me. He is a beautiful puppy!


Dear all of you at Golden Doodle Spot Home,
Grover is safe, sound, and happy. He is an absolute love!!  Brodi (as you know him as Watson) and him are becoming best buds!  More pics to follow.  Thank you for such a fine young pup!!
Sincerely ~Barby


I wanted to drop you a line to give you an update on Darla (her new name is Lil Miss Brooks).We spent our first night in Cleveland and she behaved herself, she certainly travels well. We arrived home the next afternoon and she adjusted quickly to our lifestyle. Our veterinarian told us we selected a very healthy puppy, and we thank you for that. It is truly a blessing that we found your website and Darla.
Thank you for everything.


Thank you for bringing a beautiful girl into our family. We have named her "Minni".  I hope you like her name! She is potty trained to go outside by our porch patio now and she got bath yesterday.

Thank you again!

Next time we will send you a whole family picture.


Just wanted to let you know "Joelle" now Lily is a dream. She is such a good little girl and she is settling in so nicely. She survived the road trip with flying colors and is now happily taking a little nap while I email you. Thank you for making such beautiful puppies that are so well taken care of and loved. 
Will send photos as she grows. I will be back for more in the future!

LEIPOLD family

Freddie has discovered balls - he loves them! He also loves massages and rides in the car. I've sent a picture of Freddie at his first Vet visit in Pennsylvania.  Everyone loved him.The entire family is smitten with Freddie also. He loves everyone especially our grandchildren. Total happiness in the Leipold family.


Just wanted to send a quick note and let you know that Jackson (Maurice) is doing great! He is everyone’s favorite in my building!! Jackson is incredibly smart and sweet. He’s super healthy and so much fun. He loves to play games and is an exceptionally fast runner.  I can’t believe he’s 3 years old. Seems like I just picked him up.  I could not be happier with him. I have attached some recent pictures. 


Hi from South Dakota!

We are enjoying our new home in Rapid City!

On 01/05 Dee was 4lbs 5 oz, and Mel was 6 lbs 0oz
Today Delilah is 7lbs 12oz, and Melody is10 lbs 4oz

We are the smartest dogs ever! We just had our first grooming-what a trip that was! We love our big back yard, we can run and romp around any time we ask to go out at the door, training was a breeze. Oh, I forgot to say we are very spoiled!!!

This is your Valentine card,
Dee and Mel


As you know, we picked Jack (Mac Jaques O'Shea McCallum) up at McDonald's on Sunday, Feb. 8th.  It was instant love on behalf of my husband and I the moment we held him.  He is sweet and adorable.  He is already working on acquiring a high two books already that were classics.  We are going to have to spruce up both our furball parenting skills and our IQ's to keep up with this  smart little guy.  He settled right into the backseat nursery and made the seven hour return trip like a seasoned traveler.  Due to the very cold Iowa winter temps, deep snow and non-pet friendly salted streets and walkways we opted to use the puddle pads for house training and will convert him to outside this spring.  We also do not intend to expose him to outside temps as a very young pup.  He used the piddle training pads we set up on the floorboard in the backseat nursery inside a plastic tub.   
He will always be on purified bottled water and Nuvet vitamins.  The stores in Mount Pleasant do not handle Royal C. Food so ordered both the dry and wet identical to the sample provided from Golden Doodle Spot Home, from for convience.  Jack is also on the Nutri Cal supplement and has not had loose stools.  At the vet appointment yesterday he weighed 4 lbs. 14 ounces. He enjoys all his  toys, and his man cave condo for sleeping.  He is positioned at eye level to our bed and one day will have access to the bed should he desire.  We consider our furballs family members.  I am a retired teacher so will be with Jack around the clock training him to be a good law abiding household citizen.  He has a new crate purchased at Pet Smart for downstairs.  We are using the Golden Doodle Spot Home crate training schedule except this little guy is bright eyed and vocal at 5 am.  
So wanted to send some photos for you to share there and to thank you and the team for all your hard work that results in these tiny beautiful baby furballs who bring joy and smiles to our lives.  We lost our beautiful Lhasa Apso male, Colby recently.  It was heartbreaking...Colby was 11 years 8 months and 3 days old.    The poster at the vet's office had this saying......"It came to me that every time I lose a dog, it  takes a piece of my heart.  And every time I get another dog, it gifts me with a piece of his heart.  And if I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog.  Then I will be as loving, generous, and kind as they are."  Jack will be his own little personality and will want for nothing.  He will continue to have the best care available but most of all...lots of love from us who cherish him.

Warmest regards,
Julie and Richard


Golden Doodle Spot Home Team Members:

We adopted Athena on December 14th and absolutely adore her.  She has such a wonderful demeanor, loving anyone who walks through our door.  Her markings are beautiful and her intelligence superb.  Our veterinarian is a good friend of mine and has seen Addie for two check ups.  He told me that she really doesn't need puppy classes because she is already so well socialized and knows the command 'sit'.  We are now working on 'stay'.

Addie had her first haircut this week and I wanted to share a picture with you.  She now weighs ten pounds and is growing quickly.  I can hardly wait until spring time and warm sunny weather.  She is a little trooper and enjoys her walks (2 miles daily) even on the coldest of winter days


Wanted to give you an update on Shirley ( we call her Frankie now).  She was an absolute angel on the 6 hour ride home and continues to just amaze and thrill us.  She is gaining weight, already going to the bathroom outside and is mastering Sit and Fetch.  She is an absolute doll and is sleeping through the night now in her crate.  Her vet visit went very well and we could not be happier with our little girl!  I have attached some photos of her so you can see how happy she is!


Hi Angela, 

Wanted to update you on our happiness with Iris. I had no idea how much joy this tiny puppy can bring to our hearts. My husband had a surgery on Nov 10th. Iris was born the next day after that. I feel like she was meant to happen at this moment in our lives. I'm sending you a couple of pictures and short videos. Than you again for taking care of her and always being there for me when I had my concerns and questions. 

Kind regards,



We just wanted to update you on how well Jackson (formally Nemo) is doing.  

He is just the sweetest little guy ever and a perfect match for our family.  People fall in love with him wherever we go.  He was recently "show and tell" in my daughters 3rd grade class.  He is so smart and well behaved!  His favorite thing to do is to play with our cat!  

Thank you so much.  We can't imagine our family without him.


Kasey celebrated his first birthday yesterday and wanted us to send you his latest photo.  He has so much energy, playfulness, and love wrapped up in his little body.  He brings us boundless joy and happiness.  Plus, he is definitely keeping us young and our minds alert!  Since he's entered our lives there is never a dull moment.  We love him dearly.
Kathy and Ken


Thank you for your assistance and patience on Saturday.  As was the case 6 years ago when we purchased our Bichon (“Basil” now known as “Daisy”) from Golden Doodle Spot Home, everyone was courteous, insightful and professional.  We have referred others to you over the years and will continue to do so.  By the way, attached is a photo from our 2 ½ hour ride home.  As you can see, my daughter apparently picked the right one!  We renamed her “Ellie” so as to keep the given name relatively intact.  She is already acclimating well although Daisy isn't very happy about having competition in the house.

Thanks again.


Hello Golden Doodle Spot Home!
Its been 4 years since we drove to Indiana from Canton Ohio to get Cooper. He is one amazing mini schnauzer! He is the king of our home! He is truly a schnauzer of schnauzers ! Smart, playful, watchdog supreme,and absolutely hilarious! Thanks again for him, see the pics cause he's also handsome.
God bless, Chris & Margie


Dear Angela and Deborah,
A Happy New Year!  It has been a wonderful 2014 for her filled with love, growth, training classes, walks, runs at the doggie park, overnights with the neighbors' dogs, other family members' dogs and finally in this past month, an adopted best buddy, Sparkey.  Life is good! 
Phoebe is a most amazing dog; she is so intelligent, full of energy and fun.  One of the most astounding things that she does is watch TV!  If there is a dog, cat, camel, bear, horse,raccoon, etc. being shown, she runs up to the screen and barks at it.  I have never had another dog  do that!  There is no error--any other living creature gets her attention and comment.  Has any one else commented on this who adopted her litter mates?
Phoebe is so very energetic that by December (2 months past her birthday) I knew she needed another dog to play with and relate to.  Despite the walks twice a day and play time with us she was bored!   So, we visited a rescue organization and found a little mini pin about her size and age whom she just adored and brought him home on a foster basis.  He won all of us over in about a week with his energetic, yet also cuddly ways. They are almost inseparable, playing together from morning till night. 
So, hoping that your Christmas and New Year's holidays were as blessed as ours, we send you tail wags, puppy kisses and thanks for the miracle of our sweet Phoebe.
Linda and Jim


Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed my beautiful Bichon I got from you in Feb 2011, soon after my husband died.  She has been such a joy to have. She has really spoiled me! We spend a lot of time together. Thank you so much for selling her to me, I named her Missy Sue.


 We just wanted to give you an update on Roxanne. Our family just adores and loves her. She has started in puppy socialization on her way to being a trained therapy dog for our daughter. Thanks for sharing her with us, she is a doll! Thanks again for Roxanne "roxy" we love her.

The Brown Family


One year ago I asked my husband what he wanted for Christmas and he replied, “A dog.”
My sister had adopted her schnorkie from Golden Doodle Spot Home so we knew exactly where to find a wonderful pet. On Dec. 26 we drove to Syracuse and adopted a schnau-tzu named Gina. She is now a year old and loves to play fetch with her balls and walk around our neighborhood. We simply adore our Gina and love her so very much. We never knew how much happiness a dog could bring into our lives until we brought Gina home.



Deb and Dan,

I just wanted to let you know that I have had the privilege of owning two lovely Mini Schnauzers, the last one living to be 17 1/2 yrs old.  I loved each of them dearly, but Athena appears to have the sweetest disposition, most  beautiful markings and is highly intelligent.  Crate training is going quite well and she has adapted to her new home with ease.
We chose a new name:  The Woman Adler, but will call her Addie.  The Woman, Irene Adler, was the one female Sherlock Holmes respected because she outsmarted him!

I have updated her Pet Key and registered her with the AKC.  She had her first visit with the veterinarian this morning and is enrolled in puppy classes beginning next month.

Thank you for bringing this dear little companion into the world!

Merry Christmas,


Casper is 5 months old and into 1 month of formal puppy training at PetSmart.  Ollie is 2 and celebrated his second birthday last week.  Both of your little dogs are doing wonderful.  Ollie and Casper get along so well and miss each other when they are apart.  Casper has beautiful Westie hair which cleans up in a few minutes after he plays in the mud.  Both dogs have wonderful personalities and that is due to your breeding.
Thank you and Happy Holidays
Kathryn, Casper and his cousin Ollie


Hi Angela...
Here is Breezy Lou (born March 15, 2013). With her 7 year old "sister" she is the light of our life.  We plan everything around their well-being and they are spoiled just the way we like it. Breezy is bright, happy, healthy, loving, energetic, funny and loves all things edible food wise. Wonderful temperament and our groomer said she is as classic a Westie as they come! She weighs almost 16 lbs. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
Best wishes,  Linda and David

December 2014

Thank you for the card.
Just a note of thanks, Tango is great. We have so much fun with him and he has kept my 90 year old dad in the best of company.
God bless, and thanks again

December 2014

I have been meaning to contact you forever. Kilee (adopted 10/13) is happy and doing well. She is the companion to a six year old who is recovering from PTSD. If it weren't for Kilee, I know depression would have swamped this child.  

December 2014

Thank you so much for the Christmas postcard!  It reminded me to do what I’ve been meaning to do for 2 years—update you about Atlas and Plato.  They are beautiful and brought such joy to us! Plato is truly a little thinker, his personality much like Buddha!  He is less shy of strangers than Atlas though.  Atlas is a little fireball and wants to be out in front and always with one of us.  They are both so perfect and we love them dearly.  Everyone who meets them falls in love with our soft, cuddly babies.   Thank you and Happy Holidays to you!

Dave + Chris
December 2014

Cassi (Lovie) is doing well and growing fast.  She got to visit Santa
today.  Her wish was for her brother to be adopted, and low and behold,
it looks like Sparrow has found his furever home.  Glad to see that.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Megan + Ben
December 2014


I just wanted to give an update on how our precious puppy is doing. Raegan (whom was named Jewel) is loving having her own fenced in back yard and wood floors to slide on. She loves to play fetch and to steal her daddy's socks. She is a very sociable dog, loves meeting new people and dogs (especially when they aren't much bigger than her). She has lost all but one of her puppy teeth, thank goodness. And has enjoyed her first haircut as well as her first fall (loves to chew on leaves) and her first snow fall.  She is finally getting better at letting us know when she has to go outside. But one of her favorite things to do is to sleep in the bed with us. She loves to sleep on her back with her head on my pillow, which I am happy to share with this cute little rascal. She has made us extremely happy and we couldn't imagine our lives without her. Thank you again so much! 

Dennis + Nancy
December 2014

Happy Holidays from Freddie & Karly! 

They are just the sweetest puppies and bring such joy to us.  Hard to believe that Freddie will be a year old next month.  Thank you Golden Doodle Spot Home for blessing us with these wonderful pups!

Merry Christmas and God Bless

December 2014

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for blessing us with Kingston! He is such a sweetheart, and we are all completely in love with him already! He's doing great with the potty training, sleeps great in our bed with us at night, and has learned to play "fetch" with his favorite toy Teddy. We've had him groomed, and our groomer was impressed with his good manners around other dogs. I can't imagine a nicer little puppy exists anywhere, thank you so much!!!

November 2014

November 2014

Hi Folks,
It’s been one year ago today that Ryder (Now Tango) a beautiful Havanese, was born. He has grown (8 1/2 lbs) and turned into a fabulous pet and companion. Thank you for him and his birthday card which just arrived.

November 2014

Dear Angela and Golden Doodle Spot Home Team,

Just sending a few of my favorite pictures of Bree and Sydney. It took me a long time that day to make my decision on Sydney (being a one dog person for 28 years) but clearly I made the right decision for Bree and me
bringing Sydney home with us. They have become very good friends as you can see. I count my blessings when I found Golden Doodle Spot Home. These are two very special little dogs thanks to everyone's efforts when they were just tiny new born little puppies. It is very clear by the dogs they are today that they were given a lot of care, love and attention in those first few formative months of their tiny lives they spent with you.  They are a joy to spoil.
Warmest regards to everyone.

October 2014

Hi Angela,
Here are some great pictures for you all at Golden Doodle Spot Home! We love Carlos!

October 2014

HI there

Just wanted to let you know that Abu has safely arrived, been for his first vet visit and is doing great. He is a real sweetie pie. Aways following someone around , loves napping on my daughter's lap, loves running in the backyard with my son and he is just beautiful ; ) Of course I am a little tired from interrupted sleep ! Is truly like having a baby all over again , but we are getting there. : )
Thank you!

October 2014

"Phoenix" is doing great at her new home! Such a sweet girl!

Spanopoulos Family 
October 2014

We can't believe it's been 7 1/2 months since the puppies were born! We renamed them, Rosalina is now Augusta and Esperanza is now Pebbles. Augusta is 9.6 pounds and Pebbles is 7.8 pounds. They are absolutely inseparable.

They have the most personality I have ever seen! They love people and aren't afraid of friendly big dogs. They always somehow know when someone is sad and they will walk over (or in Pebble's case, strut over) and lay down and lick them. Since it is the  fall season, the puppies love going outside to chew on and carry the leaves around.

Yesterday, we entered them into a Halloween costume contest against other dogs. They met a lot of dogs there and befriended a large Weimaraner, and got many treats. Their personality always make them new friends, and I hope their brothers are the same way!

Much love,
The Spanopulos Family

Chris + Dave
October 2014

Just wanted to let you know Lovie (we are renaming her to Cassi, short
for Cassiopeia) made it here safe and sound. She was alert and playful in her crate when we picked her up.  She was
happy to get a drink of water.

Thank you for sending us such a sweet and beautiful puppy.  We will take
good care of her.

October 2014

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that Annie is almost a year old, and is thriving. She is smart, funny, and very loving.I have people stopping me in the street asking where they can find a beautiful Schnauzer just like her. She is the "Belle of the Ball" wherever she goes, and she goes everywhere.Thank you again for this special Golden Doodle Spot Home.

October 2014

Hi Angela!

I thought you might enjoy a peek into one of your dog's lives. 
My Favorite picture.... below.  Such kindness in this dog's eyes.  Most interesting Schnauzer I have ever had.  She and Benny are inserperable.  We got her because Ricky, Benny's half brother suddenly had a tumor in his spleen and declined quickly.  It was tragic.  When he died, Benny quit eating.  Devastated.  We quickly found Addie/Abby.  As soon as she came he started eating.  They travel everywhere with us between 4 homes.  Thank you for such a wonderful Schnauzer!!!    

October 2014

Well it's already Baxter Jameis Winston Ezell (my husband is a huge Florida state fan!!). Baxter ALREADY is one years old!!! And a VERY active curious and fun loving little man. He had a great birthday party and wanted to share some of it with you. Once again thanks for giving him the best start possible in life. He is truly the perfect addition to our family.
Also I sent a picture of him last weekend he was invited to the "blessing of the animals" and his sissy's school/church. She goes to an episcopal school here in town. Well he wasn't quite on his the best behavior but he had fun hanging out at church! He drank from the canister of Blessing water while the pastor was giving another dog a blessing and then he stuck his tongue out at the pastor taking a pic. But that's Baxter!!! Full of life and personality. We pray that all of you are doing well.

Mary Ann
October 2014

Here's a photo of our schnorkie, Coco, formerly Betsy.  Coco has been with us for nearly four years now.  She makes our house a home!  Coco's personality is so sweet. She fits in with our family so well and it is hard to imagine life without her.  We installed an invisible fence in our yard in Indiana and it was easy to train Coco.  She loves to be outside while we are working in the yard.  Coco spends the winter in Florida so she has the best of both worlds.  Thanks again for such a lovable little girl!

September 2014

Another pic of Teddy Zylber, getting a ride home after a short stint in the kennel.  He is a good boy and we are glad to have him!  Will forward another one or two.

Hope you all are well.

September 2014

I first want to thank you for sending Polly her first birthday card.  I have sent a picture so you can see how beautiful she is.  She has brought me a lot of happiness. Thank you again for giving me such a blessing in my life.  She is extremely special to me.

September 2014


Just wanted to let you know the puppies arrived safe and sound.  Tails were wagging and eager to get out and explore.  What little troopers!  Their new names are Oscar and Emmy.  They exceeded our expectations falling in love with them immediately.
They are going to the vet this afternoon for their check up.  I'm looking forward to years of joy and love with them.

Thank you very much.
Warm regards,

September 2014

August 2014

Hello Angela and Deborah,
Sometimes my heart just overflows with the joy of having Phoebe and I feel the desire to share with the people who cared for her before me.

She weighs 16 1/2 pounds now and full of energy and playfulness.  We have finished the intermediate training level and will probably start advanced classes in the next month or so.  My hope is to then try the therapy dog training afterwards as Phoebe's disposition is so gentle and loving.  She is  other very good with other people especially children.  It would be a pleasure to take her to visit those who are confined.  

One of her "closest" doggie friends is a 49 lb. Portuguese Water Dog, Rudy, who is 2 months younger than she.  They play together regularly and it is a sight to see.  When they are played out, Phoebe is dripping with saliva, but the happiest dog going.  Tomorrow morning she will be playing with Elvis, a pug who is about her size.

I look at your web site off and on and enjoy seeing all the beautiful puppies.  Phoebe always draws exclamations and comments on her purebred appearance, but the best part is her inner being which is so loving and intelligent.

I hope all is well with both of you and your families; thank you for Phoebe.

July 2014

Karly finally arrived in Pittsburgh after being delayed in Chicago for a few hours.  Once home Freddie welcomed her with open paws!  She follows him everywhere and attempts to do everything he does.  She is the sweetest little thing. I wanted to make sure you knew she made it home.  I will keep you posted on Freddie & Karly’s adventures.

Thank you Golden Doodle Spot Home!

Tim and Jennifer
July 2014

Just want to share a few pictures of Hank !! We are so pleased with him !! Just adorable we feel like we made the right chose !! Thank you all !! 

July 2014

Just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much we adore our Sadie. We got her almost 2 years ago. She is a delight to be around. So well behaved and a lot of fun!  

Damon and Charna
July 2014


We thought you might like to see Sofia.  She was two years old on July 16.  She is doing well and is drop dead gorgeous as always.

We hope you all are having a good summer.

Lisa and Mitch
July 2014

We wanted to post a testimonial on your website. My husband and I bought "Frankie",Goldendoodle puppy, from you guys last November and I just wanted to say how much we love him! He's so sweet and is absolutely beautiful.  We also wanted to thank you for the 1st Birthday post card. As promised, here's a picture of our little Frankie. We absolutely adore him! We are so pleased with the service, quality and professionalism with Golden Doodle Spot Home! We will definitely purchase another pup from you guys again!!

You guys are awesome at Golden Doodle Spot Home!

Ezell Family
July 2014

Dear Golden Doodle Spot Home,
We can not believe it is already 6 months since Baxter had blessed our home. Since day one he is the perfect addition to our family and has brought so much  joy to us!!! He is quite the ladies' man, very sociable to everyone he meets, and growing up to be just as handsome as his daddy!! (even has the exact markings) Everyone falls in Love with him the minute they see him. His has become quite the traveler and has his own seat in the family car next to the DVD player.  Wether going for a quick trip to chick fil a, or to our camp on the beach Baxter is always ready and very eager!!! Baxter has quite the personality and enjoys his "sissy" reading to him, especially before bed, and playing "chase the toy". Baxter is a recent graduate of PetsMart's advance
puppy training program. Thank you to Golden Doodle Spot Homes for giving Baxter a great start in life and for blessing our family with a wonderful perfect addition. He is EXACTLY what we were looking for!!!

July 2014

Angel (formerly Aurora) was born on August 8, 2013...and celebrates her birthday tomorrow.  She's been a wonderful addition to our 3 Pack of Golden Doodle Spot Home Pups!  After losing our Benny (at 4 1/2 yrs of age on 12-7-2013) we were devastated...but I remembered showing Benny the video of Aurora on your website.  He climbed on my desk and kissed the computer screen, while he watched her.  That was a week or so before he suddenly got sick and we had to put him to sleep.  A week or 2 after Benny's death hubby and I discussed adding to our pack...and we decided to drive to Indiana and take a look at several pups, including Aurora.

After visiting, holding and snuggling several Pups, we decided that Aurora was the one for us.  She's been a loving, caring and very energetic.  

Here's her photo after being groomed in June.  Also, I've included a few other photos of the PuppyKids...including Benny who is at the Rainbow Bridge.


June 2014

Angela – 

I wanted to contact you to say thank you for the hospitality provided by everyone up there while we visited a couple weeks ago.  The girls ultimately decided to keep his name Crosby.  It suits him.  I’ve attached a picture of him playing with our bulldog, Mojo.  He’s doing great and the girls love him!

Thanks again

June 2014

My mom has been wanting to send you photos of Kay (her birth name ).  Here is a picture of Mollie. Mollie was born December 11, 2013. You shipped her to California on February 21, 2014.  She was a gift to my mother for her 87th birthday  She currently lives in a retirement home in San Juan Capistrano and all the elderly people love her to death.  She has brought much joy and companionship to my mother.  She is very active and has tons of personality. She is very smart. My mother has taught her to walk on her back legs, stay and sit. 

June 2014

Hi Folks-
Been meaning to update you on Teddy, the York-Shi. He is a love and we are so happy to have him. Very much a rascal, with endearing but domineering qualities that give our 8 1/2 year old Yorkie, Corky, a run for his money. I'd say Teddy is pretty much house-trained, but I can't trust that 100% when going out. He is very energetic but collapses completely when he rests. We are thrilled to have him and wanted you to know!
Hope all is well with you and all the other pups!
Will update again sometime and send more pics.
All the best-
P. S. He weighs about 8 lbs now 

Mark and Family
June 2014

Our 2 Schnauzers are just furry four-legged people. We're up, they're up. We're sleeping, they're sleeping. We're outside, they're outside.
We've saved a ton of money in two categories with these 2 dogs: First, we don't need a doorbell anymore and second, sometimes it's more fun to watch them wrestle with each other than watching TV.
One of our great joys is watching the smaller one (Holly) chase the larger one (Roxy) around our backyard. You can see the enthusiasm in the smaller dog in calculating shortcuts to intersect with the other dog running around a larger obstacle.
Attached are a few more pix that are suitable. Sorry to appear like a Facebook Mom, but these are worth sharing.

May 2014

Hello Angela and Hope,
It's been almost 2 weeks since we brought our sweet princess home.  I just wanted to let you know what an easy transition she has had, and how much in love we all are with her.  She must have received lots of love and play time with you all because she is the most social and loving puppy ever!! We couldn't be more pleased with our experience, and our wonderful new baby.  Please keep us updated when Aleah and Clyde have another litter.

May 2014

Evie passed her Dr. visit with flying colors, learned "sit" at puppy class and will be a star at 
Virginia's Mother's Day Dinner -- 3 generations of children and pets.  
She is now officially "Sadie" and unofficially the cutest critter on Cayuga Rd.  
Cannot thank Angela and her able assistant enough for helping us choose Grandma's new best friend! 
We'll send pictures soon.

April 2014

Hello Again,
I just wanted to share a few more pictures of Blake with you.  Seems he has picked up soccer!!  Seriously, we will get the ball out and he runs around pushing it trying to keep it away from you and if we try to kick it he puts his paw on it and then continues to keep in possession of it.  He is a natural :)  I would love to get it on video because it is so funny.  As you can see in the pictures the ball is bigger than him but he loves it.  He plays with it more that the small one.  He is a real character!! 
Have a great day

Jeff and Maria
April 2014

Already in love with her!!  We stopped outside of the airport to let her run around.  Already stopped at Petsmart where the kids went crazy getting her things they felt she needed.  She is so playful and happy.  Can't wait to get her home.  
Thank you

April 2014

We were fortunate enough that we got Filo last November.  
We already had a Goldendoodle that was 6 years old and he was very comfortable knowing he ran the household alone.  He wouldn't look at me for nearly 3 weeks after I brought the puppy home.  They are now good friends.  
We changed Filo's name to Camo because when I brought him home he went to sleep on one of my camouflage jackets and just disappeared so the name stuck.
He is the happiest animal I have ever seen and he brightens the room when he comes crashing into it.  
My family are truly blessed to have him.  We will be wanting to breed him at some point before we have him neutered because I can't imagine not getting a son from him since he is so perfect.  Can you be on the watch for a good fit for him for a girl friend?  We really want to try for brindle colors like him because he is so pretty.  
Oh yeah, his room is a 12' X 16' completely tiled room that is kept at his preferred temperature of 68 degrees and he has 2 beds.  I built him a really neat jungle jim with bungee cord that has toys hanging from it with ropes and he loves it, so he is really spoiled.  
We take him outside regularly and he is pretty well house broken except when he feels he needs to mark something with his scent.  Here is a picture of him running my business.

Rev. Mark and Family
April 2014

Dear Angela and Everyone at Golden Doodle Spot Home,
Here are pictures of some of our family with Peppermint Pearl, who was formerly known as Dasha at Golden Doodle Spot Home.
She is growing really fast and we are enjoying having her, despite slow potty training with continued cold weather here in Wisconsin.  She loves to be held, cuddled, and chases her small soccer ball our oldest son, home from college recently, bought her.  She had no problem coming home and sleeping in her kennel and is a very loving family member.  Thank you so much for raising her to become our dog! We lover her and continue to shower her with praises.

March 2014

Dear Angela and the Beers, 

Just a short note to update you on Francine (whom we named Phoebe L.). You called it right when you wrote "that it was all about her lovin'."   Phoebe is truly one of the most loving puppies we have ever known. This little girl dishes it out with kisses and tail wags throughout the day. She LOVES to play and walk and learn new tricks.
 We are in a training class at the present, and she is surpassing the rest. Phoebe has been groomed twice since we adopted her. The first grooming was so much fun to watch. Basically, she wanted to kiss the groomer any chance she got. The whole salon was laughing. It was a puppy cut and adorable was the result. One week ago she got her first Schnauzer cut, the results being beautiful, her fine breeding coming to the front. Phoebe trots like a Tennessee Walker. She barks only when there is a reason (squirrel on the fence, yard gate being opened, but not at the doorbell! We haven't had an "accident" for about a month and a half; she is getting to sleep outside of her crate (and our bed) at nights. Although her mouth looks like a crocodile's at the moment, (I've found 3 teeth) she has developed a "soft" mouth in her play with us and others. She is submissive, but not overly so, with small children and confident with other dogs after introduction. 
Would you believe that Jim and I love this little angel? WE DO! She is near perfect. To all of you, Thank You for this beautiful dog, the result of your careful breeding; she is a joy to know and love. 

P.S. The middle initial, L, is for Lovin'

February 2014

Just wanted to say hi and send a picture of Carson. Today is one year since we got him and he is such a great addition to our family.
He is doing great, loves eating apple pieces and playing in and eating snow!
Hope you are all doing well.

Marie and Al 
February 2014

Just wanted to say thanks for the Birthday wishes.  We so appreciated the thought as Rocky will be one year old on Feb 5th.
I have had many dogs but he is truly the greatest pup and friend we have ever had.  He is fun, lovable and even well-behaved.  We can't imagine our TV nights without him or our long walks without him by our side.
Rocky is now 19 lbs. and very smart and willing to participate in any game.  We bought him doggie steps so that he is able to sit on the windowsill so that he can patrol the new block that we live on. 
We recommend your sites to everyone we meet and again thank you for everything you did in making it possible for us to raise him.
Best wishes to all of you for a very happy 2014!

January 2014

Good Morning,
I am certainly enjoying the benefits of Phoebe's excellent socialization.  She doesn't know a stranger, is wonderful with children and other dogs.  She IS growing into her personality which is very playful, inquisitive, and as always, so very loving.  I wake up every morning to a thorough face licking.  She loves to walk and is learning to use the doggie door.  She's smart and quick on the uptake.
Tomorrow she gets her last puppy shots and the rabies shot.  It will be good to know that she is protected.
We will keep you posted on her development and thank you again for your involvement and support.
Many Thanks!

Dave and Ruthie
January 2014

We bought "Jessie" now called Sophie just before thanksgiving and just wanted to send you a few pictures and let you know how she is doing.  
Sophie is adjusting real well here, in fact she pretty much has made herself at home.  She is growing so fast.  She is very energetic and a lot of fun.  She LOVES to play in the snow and doesn't like to come in :). Her and our other Schnorkie (who also came from you guys-born 10/12/06 parents were Syndee and Marco Polo) have lots of fun together.  She is good for him (Gabe).

January 2014

Hi Deb, Dan and everyone at Golden Doodle Spot Home,

I thought I would send you some pictures (taken Dec 6th) and let you know how I am. 
I have a family that is very good to me and love me a lot.  I fit in really well here as I am pretty laid back (so are my mom and dad) and have a very comfy home here in Canada. My Mom makes my food from scratch and I love it and I am very healthy.  She cuddles me every night before bed and is really good at spoiling me but she doesn't let me get away mischief.
I am enjoying my first winter and I love to plow through the snow with my nose.  I go for walks and meet lots of dogs along the way.  None of them are as small as me but I just put my “big dog “attitude on.  I have a cousin and a friend that live down the street and I love to play with them.  They are a lot older than me but I try to show them who’s boss. My mom and dad have two granddaughters and they love to come and visit and play with me like I am a live doll.  Sometimes I have to take a break from them.  They sure tire me out.
I am pretty smart.  I know how to shake a paw, I can now lift my leg when I pee,  I know to sit, lay, stay, and come when I am told to and I let my family know when I need to go outside.  They are pretty proud of me.
I love to be outside as much as I can which is probably a good thing because we have a big boat and trailer and we are going to spend the summer at the lake.  I am pretty curious about everything so going boating and camping will be lots of fun for me.
We will be in touch again and send you a picture on my first birthday.

November 2013

It has been some time, but I just want to tell you again how blessed we are by having Daisy (now almost two years old). I think of you guys often (every time I think of the events surrounding the time when Daisy first came into our lives) and I am so glad to see that you folks continue to bring joy to so many lives.

I have attached a recent picture of Daisy for your enjoyment (she is beautiful!).

October 2013

Sugar has fit right in. Everyone absolutely adores her and she could not be sweeter. Thank you so much. We will give her a good home filled with lots of love & play time.

October 2013

We just wanted to let you know that Kloe (Crissy) arrived safely at 6:01 pm Thursday. As soon as we opened the crate it was love, hugs, and endless kisses. I am the proud mother of two sons, and yes you guessed it! Meet my two daughters Keesie and Kloe who are inseparable. We adopted Keesie whilst on vacation in France 5 years ago and she flew back with us, and now she has a sister to play with. We thank you for this precious gift.

October 2013

Jasmin and Date are doing good and have adjusted well to their home. They are a joy to be with and have even made us laugh. Dante still likes sitting in his toys and Jasmin really likes going under this one chair in the back room. She also for the most part is still the dominant one in there wrestling matches.  Also Jasmin likes to play fetch and actually brings the ball back. Heath wise they are good and eating well. I think we take them back to the vets this week.  Will try to continue updating but that's in for now.

October 2013

Golden Doodle Spot Home,

It has been little over a month when Yoshi (formerly Harper) joined our family. She has brought so much joy and happiness, a perfect fit for the family.  Such an adorable puppy, she is still full of energy, loves the attention, follows us everywhere (no wonder they are called Velcro dogs) and most importantly she arrived housetrained, in the beginning only missing 25% of the time and now almost always going to the blue pad or outside.

Attached are photos taken recently at Lincoln Center which is our front yard, Central park (a block away) with our daughter and the Hudson River promenade (few blocks away) with our son Zori and daughter.  It would be an understatement if I say she is the star of the neighborhood! We live in a very busy neighborhood, almost everyone that meets her either smiles at her, wants to pat her or take picture of her!! Even other dog owners stop to admire her.

A few weeks ago it was ‘Fashion Week’ at Lincoln Center, every time we went for a walk photographers were snapping pictures of her! We have given your web information to a handful of people!

October 2013

Hi Golden Doodle Spot Home Team,
It has been about 2 and 1/2 months since we made the long trek down to Indiana to pick up our baby, Callie.  Callie, like any puppy, was a lot of work in the beginning but she has settled right into our home and our routine.  She is such a good girl. She has taken so very well to house training.  She loves walks (most days) and even will run an occasional two miles a day with me.  Yes, I get some odd looks running with a 9 lb poof ball of a puppy but she seems to love it.  She is very good at commands, even when she knows there is no treat to be offered.  So far she is a pro at sit and stay.  She is doing fairly well at lay down and roll over.  She probably likes me the most as she follows me everywhere I go (she knew early on that momma is the alpha in our house).  She loves to play rough with my husband and the kids ( 7 and 5 years old) which is a good fit because they are wild but she will always stop playing to get a quiet pet on the tummy from me. 
Two weeks ago she was spayed.  I was worried that her demeanor would change or that she'd be upset with me but she remained the sweet girl that she is.  I was also worried that she'd get upset with the kids because normally they play hard with her.  She laid still on the ground all day after the surgery but when they got home from school she stood up, walked a few steps and greeted them with a happy wagging tail.  She hadn't moved an inch since the surgery so it showed me that she was happy to see them and how much she loves them.  The night after the surgery she laid with her "cone of shame" on next to me all night, never nipped or got upset when I approached her.  Dogs I have had in the past didn't want to be touched after surgery but Callie welcomed any affection. 
She initially had some crate anxiety but she has overcome that.  Sometimes she voluntarily whines to get off our bed at night and go sleep in her crate instead.  I would have never expected this a month ago. I work two days a week so she does spend a little time in her crate one of the days and the other day she goes to doggy daycare.  She loves the activity and playing with the other small dogs.  It tires her out and makes her even cuddlier at the end of the day.
She got a shorter hair cut shortly before her spay and she looks just like her brother, Preston.  I cannot thank Golden Doodle Spot Home enough for breeding such a sweet little girl as well as the supportive friends who have provided me direction and patience on training my puppy.  She is such a good girl and as silly as it sounds I feel that she makes our family whole.  

Thanks again! 

Larry and Mary 
September 2013

Here's a picture of our diva dog, Lana Yana Skipper, 8 years old.
You can certainly see she is our pride and joy.  Her full AKC name is Lana Yana Dandee.  She's traveled with us through the U.S. in our motor home.  We call her miss congeniality because she loves people and begs for attention everywhere we go. 
We spoil her rotten and love it as much as she does. Keep up the good work in providing quality pups- they're such a blessing!

August 2013

Hi Deb,
Just want you to know that tomorrow my Schnoodle Emma is turning 4!
She has been just the best companion ever! She is incredibly smart, perceptive, loving, generous, playful, entertaining, personable, and the cutest little thing on 4 legs I've ever had the pleasure of having at my side.
So thank you so much for your breeding expertise and raising your pups to be so awesome

lisa, bill, and crash 
- august 2013

Hello everyone!
Crash will be two years old this coming December 18th!!
We moved from PA to South Carolina in April.
Now Crash can go to the beach play in the surf all the time!
He is our little-miracle-angel-baby!! And the happiest, out-going, loveable, social maniac!! EVERYONE loves Crash - all other doggies too!(See attached picture of Crash's best friend, Turk! He weighs + 190 lbs and stands over 7 feet tall on his hind legs - and he's only a year old!)
Crash is 12 lbs now! In addition to his Holistic Precise kibble, he loves baked salmon, rotisserie chicken, Osso Bucco, prime rib, flounder, halibut, grouper, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, carrots, green beans, sweet potato, pistachios and my father's home made meatballs!!
 He ADORES opening presents, and thinks every bag or box is for him! His favorite games are tug-tug and chase with any one of his innumerable squeaky toys, and of course, running, and playing on the beach! He is the ABSOLUTE love and joy of our lives!

Bill actually just started on Crash's very own website!
You can see a few more pictures there.
Hope all is well with all of you. Crash says "Wuff"!

- august 2013

Good Afternoon.
I have been meaning to write you and let you know how our sweet Cooper is doing.  We kept his name because it fit him.
When Kendall, Keirsten, Karina and I picked him up at the Pittsburgh Airport,  we cried when we saw him.... 
He just turned 1 year on August 3rd which we had a little party for him.  I am attaching a picture of the birthday boy!  He is such a joy to all of us and we cannot imagine life without him in it...  He is extremely spoiled and he knows it :)

Cooper goes to a groomer who spends up to four hours with him....he gets facial massages and body massages along with other services....  He loves the treats and attention.

Cooper has four sisters and loves them so much...  His daddy is his favorite though :)
Thank you for such a sweet little boy who brightens our lives every minute of the day...

- august 2013

I cannot thank-you enough, I was apprehensive about buying a dog on the internet because of all the horrible stories I heard, but I am here to say that you are first rate. I adopted lsa (was Paris) the miniature schnauzer and she is exactly as you have her pictured, but so much better in person. She is a well adjusted, intelligent and happy little girl and I am just thrilled. I am a breeder of champion Australian Shepherd and my first foray into another breed is truly a happy one, and I look forward to many happy years with my Golden Doodle Spot Home dog.
Ilsa continues to amaze us, your dedication and love for these puppies truly comes through, she isn't fazed by anything and hasn't even had an accident in the house. She is signed up for puppy kindergarten in September, so we will report back with photos from her "graduation" and her progression into Canine Good Citizen.

lisa and tom 
- july 2013

Hello Golden Doodle Spot Home Team-
We just want to say that Bodhi (formerly known as Wally born on 2/4/13) is doing great and such a joy! He quickly adapted to our home and our dog Roxy. They play like brother and sister and they are now inseparable! He's enjoying trips in the car, short hikes (he likes to be carried but does well on the leash), and playing with his toys. He was very quick to potty train and does well around small children and other animals- he's very smart and healthy! We definitely recommend Golden Doodle Spot Home!

- july 2013

Congrats to daddy Remington and mommy Leah! Your little boy BOLO (formally Apollo) turns "1" today! He is healthy and VERY active and weighing in at a whopping 13.6 pounds! ... Thank you Deb and Dan Beer for bringing this comical & sweet puppy into my life!

john and cindy 
- july 2013

Dear Golden Doodle Spot Home,
Just a quick note to tell you "Julia", now known as Shanel, is such an awesome puppy!  Our vet was so impressed on what a nice looking dog she was! Her checkup got an A+.  She is soooo smart, and was from the day we got her.  She arrived at DIA just fine and was ready to go home with us.
She is learning new things every week and is such a loving dog!  Many people have asked where we got her and we have referred them to you!  I have never gotten a puppy that I couldn't look at in person, and I've had schnauzers for 27 years, but you made our experience so wonderful.  I just wish I could have about 3 more!!!!

- june 2013


I have been meaning to write to you since the day my husband, Bob, walked into our house, December 8, 2011, with one of your puppies under his arm. I had been looking at your website for months after the passing of our amazing 11 year-old pet dachshund, but didn't know if I was ready to start over. Bob surprised us that day and the surprises keep coming!

Our puppy is now over a year and a half old. His name was Macchiato, but in honor of his Cuban roots (he's a Havashu) we renamed him Ricky Ricardo. He does the name proud as he is a total entertainer. He knows dozens of words and loves to do tricks. He plays peek-a-boo, says his prayers, and can hit out a few notes on our piano, among other things! Of course, he doesn't believe the floor is for him...but he's so cute we end up taking pictures of him instead of correcting him. :)
Ricky has been incredibly healthy. He loves people, especially our son, Victor. And he just goes with the flow...whether it's going camping, riding along in the car, or being swarmed by kids wherever we go. He even loves going to the vet! So, I just wanted you to know that you have the MOST satisfied customers in the Mancini Family.

Thank you for breeding and raising such impeccable puppies.
P.S. Everyone asks if we're going to get a Lucy for our Ricky! Maybe someday! ;)

- june 2013

Monica (now called Anna Belle) came through the flights with flying colors.  She is so smart and picking up training signals very quickly.  She is learning to play with our older dog and beginning to "socialize" with my mane coon cat Georgie Girl.  I went to my first puppy training class last Saturday by myself and this coming Saturday we are visiting our vet dr. and then our first puppy training class together.  She loves the chewies that we give her since she wants to chew on everything.  I think with time and training, she will fit beautifully into our family. She is such a sweetie!  Thank you for all the work you did with her!! Just wanted you to know that she is fitting in very well with us. 

wagner family 
- may 2013

I just wanted you give you an update on "Kenzie" - whom we renamed Maci. As you know, she just passed her 6-month birthday at the end of April. She was spayed on May 3 by our local vet who took amazing care of her. She recovered quickly from her surgery and is now back to her regular neighborhood walks and playful jaunts in the backyard.
Maci was the star pupil in her 6-week puppy class - alternating between wanting to interact during the "off-leash" time or just sit and take it all in. She was by far the cutest one of the bunch and a fast learner.  We continue to socialize her with others outside our family - she's very friendly with two 1-year old labs that live across the street and she frequently joins us at our youngest daughter's soccer games. 
Maci is a wonderful addition to our family. We love that she very rarely barks and has a calm, relaxed demeanor. She sleeps in a crate in our bedroom and happily puts herself in when we say - "time to go night-night Maci". Its fun to watch how fast she runs to the bedroom.  I think the best part is we are able to share her with my parents who are retired and live nearby. I drive my youngest to school each morning and drop Maci off at my parent's house 3 or 4 days a week to spend the day with them while I go on to work.  They get the joy of her company without the full-time responsibility and I like knowing that she isn't lonely or bored.
I've attached a few photos so you can see how much she has grown. She currently weighs 15 lbs, 4 oz - almost 3x her weight when she arrived back in January.  She is an amazing puppy and I know much of it is due to her breeding and early development with you.  Thank you for that - we could not have asked for a better companion.

- april 2013

Hi Angela!
We just LOVE "Peter", whose name is now Goliath :) He truly is a sweetheart of a dog and loves his new home... You were absolutely wonderful to work with and I would most definitely recommend to my friends that they come down there to get a puppy. It is obvious that you care about them and you represent Golden Doodle Spot Home very well!

mark and mary 
- april 2013

 Dear Golden Doodle Spot Home:

Attached is the latest photo of our state of the art security system, Holly. We purchased her from Golden Doodle Spot Home in December 2010, expecting her to be alert and guard our home with undeterred focus and alertness.
Ready to protect and serve, she awaits the opportunity to defend our home from attacks by squirrels or other small critters, as well as alert us to any visitors. She has saved us untold amounts of doorbells.
Heaven forbid an intruder enters our neighborhood, much less walks on our sidewalk. Then, she will spring into action, using her nearly 15 pounds to bring any situation to our attention.
She is joined by her mentor in the background, and endless source of inspiration and clearly demonstrates the breed's devotion to protecting their owners.
Thanks again for the doggie!

- march 2013

 Here are Benny & the Jets (as several of the people at our Vet's office refer to our 3-Pack when we arrive. It's actually Benny, Jasper & Rosie - all from Golden Doodle Spot Home!!
They look a little different after their latest haircut - this photo was taken last summer (2012).

- february 2013

Our bichon Jaxson came from Golden Doodle Spot Home about 5.5 years ago and we couldn't be happier. (Parents were Dezzy and Rascal...Jax's name was Delano when we bought him) He has had no health issues, has a beautiful coat and tail, and is very spunky! He is great with our 3 yr old boys and he LOVES the snow. Thank you for our "furry baby"!! Keep up the great work!

- february 2013

Molle is doing great. She had her first doctor's appointment yesterday. My vet was very impressed with Golden Doodle Spot Home. Her health records all in order; she is a very healthy puppy, very sociable which my vet said is a very good thing. Molle does not top the 6 pound mark yet but she is pretty active at play time.
Molle is adjusting so well. She maybe cries a little at night when she goes in her kennel but sleeps through the night (how great is that) and the last two nights her kennel has been dry when I go get here. The only time she really piddles in her kennel is when she is so excited to see you. She chews great on her numerous toys, so far has not bothered anything she should not chew on.
She is really a joy. There still are a few challenges; the stairs being the biggest because we have to carry here up and down but as she grows and can concur them that too will work out. For a puppy she is really a joy. She is learning that she has to be on a lead, and does her duty on the deck and in the snow. So all in all things are great and I am so glad that we have her.
Thank you guys for sending us such a sweetie!!!

- january 2013

I have been meaning to email you since last week and time got away from me with the holidays!! I am sending some photos along to you of "Brandy" who is now Millie (: Santa named her when she arrived at our home. I must tell you, it was love at first sight!! Although I was bummed I did not get to personally meet you and Luke after so many helpful phone conversations and informative emails the boy that helped my mom and I when we arrived to pick up Millie was wonderful. As soon as he brought her out to us, my heart melted, she is the sweetest and BEST little puppy ever! She adapted SO well and has honestly been so good, we cannot believe it. She surely made our Christmas morning sitting under the tree in her Santa outfit - one we will never, ever forget (: Her personality and demeanor is amazing. She is absolutely wonderful with the kids. I cannot thank you and Luke enough for ALL your time, energy and help, I appreciate it more than you know. I know I had so many questions since having not had a puppy in awhile so all your efforts made our transition with our new family member an easy one. I cannot believe Santa really did bring me a puppy and let me tell you, she is a special little girl and has found a special place in ALL of our hearts!!!! We look forward to all the memories we will have with her. Thank you again for all your help and for making the puppy process such an enjoyable one! I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday with your families and look forward to keeping in touch. I will send updated photos of Millie as she grows. I am already hoping that I can talk my husband into a playmate for Millie someday (:

- september 2012

Good Morning,

Just a quick note to send a few pictures of Bree. She is doing great and has adapted well to her surroundings. She goes to work every day with me and without fail everyone who sees her wants her. I have never had so many people stop me to tell me what a beautiful dog she is and ask her breed. She has the most adorable face and eyes which is always the first comment I hear. She is getting lighter as she gets older but still has her wonderful markings.

She made her first airplane ride in the cabin to Las Vegas in August and you would have never known that I had a dog with me....not a peep out of her, just curious as she went through security and looking at all the people in the terminal. Again just many admiring looks from people. She also has made trips to the cabin over the summer, just fits in well wherever she goes and travels perfectly whether it is an airplane or car.

The children in my neighborhood just love her as well and stop daily to see her. As you said she is very good with children, actually she is good with everyone as well as all dogs she meets along our walks. We had a little trouble initially with her cousin dog "Sadie" a 3 year old Bichon but now they run and play. I was worried for a bit because this was not typical of Sadie....we decided that she was just used to being the "Princess", especially with me.

You did a wonderful job socializing and training her in her early days. She still loves her kennel although she goes in it less and less as she gets older. She has found many spots throughout our home and in the office that I find her curled up and sleeping peacefully. You did a wonderful job with her kennel training. I was a bit concerned because I really did not get her until she was 4 months old; never saw her except in pictures. She just spoke to me through her eyes in the first picture that I saw of her and each time I looked at her on the website. It was a leap of faith for sure. I took Casey and Maddie home by the time they were 8 weeks old but I had the opportunity to see and hold them first. My worries were completely unfounded from the moment she looked at me at the airport. Thank you and your staff for the wonderful dog that Bree is, she is a testament to all of you at Golden Doodle Spot Home. You can see that her early days with you were filled with love and care.

sagese - ficara family 
- july 2012

Hi everyone at Golden Doodle Spot Home
Just a note to say thank you for our great little boy Bentley aka Indy (we named him after his dad). He is such a joy to all of us we love him like crazy! He is a dual citizenship dog traveling between Hudson WI and Montreal Quebec Canada he has more miles in first class then most people. lol. B is our happy healthy energetic boy who loves his 4 kids and does a good job keeping up with them! He now has discovered when the kids are in the pool he is in the pool riding his surf board. lol. He loves to play with everyone including other dogs his best bud is a family members sheltie named willow he's a big dog in a little dogs body. lol.... Bentley has such a great personality and attitude (yep attitude lol) 
Thanks again to everyone!!! 

stan and nancy 
- april 2012

It was so nice to receive a phone call last weekend from one of your staff members. I have been meaning to write a little note to you, to let you know that our experience with getting our puppy was so smooth and flawless mid Feb, from the initial email that was sent to inquire about Nigel, to the day that we picked him up. We are from Rochester, MN and when I just happened to stumble across your website and found "Nigel", I just knew this was the one for us. I emailed that evening and by the next morning, we had already received an email back, that they would hold Nigel for us, as we had an 8 plus hour drive ahead of us. We arrived Saturday morning first thing, and your staff was so accommodating, professional, fun, and helpful in answering our questions as we were new to the whole puppy world. I wasn't even a dog lover, but I gotta tell you, and my husband would chime in here, this little guy has swept me off my feet….totally! We just love him! I can't imagine our house without him. He loves to be outside, and he likes to ride in the car. We still have not gotten his hair cut; just puppy groomed a couple of times. We get so many compliments on this little guy….everyone thinks he is so CUTE!!! Many have said, that they haven't seen this color scheme, so most totally "get it" why we drove all the way to Indiana for this little guy! We are taking puppy classes too, so Bentley is quite an attraction when we visit Pet Smart. He loves it!!! The employees love him!

-april 2012

Just wanted to send a big Thank You to everyone at Golden Doodle Spot Home who did such a wonderful job at preparing our new puppy, Shelby, for her permanent home. She arrived at Richmond airport safely and ready to greet her new parents. She seems to love her new home and family and loves meeting new people. It's so obvious how well she was raised from birth. Your website has reinforced what a wonderful place to find the perfect puppy. We would highly recommend Golden Doodle Spot Home. 

larry and lina 
- august 2012

Elvis is doing great. He played on the grass and in the house with his new toys. Believe it or not (I know we can't) he brought back a blue plastic ball with holes in it 15 times after we rolled it away from him. He went to the bathroom (outside two different times, both pee and poo). Can you believe that?!!! He drank a lot of water and ate all his dinner. He easily, quickly bonded to both of us and is very sweet and playful. We are convinced he is a genius, but you probably already knew that.
Thank you all for the professional, kind, and Christ like manner you raised Elvis and treated us. You are greatly appreciated. We will raise him the best we can, not spoil him, just love him to pieces. God bless you, your families, and Pastor and Mrs. Beer and their family. 

the dekko family
 - may 2012

From your home to ours, I just wanted to say “thanks” for making the transition so smooth. The kids named her Stella Artois Dekko. About a week after doing so, my wife realized that she had been named after a “Beer”, which happens to be your last name. So it all worked out in the end. Over the last 24 years, we’ve had 1 Airedale and 5 miniature schnauzers... Stella tops them all. Her beauty is only surpassed by her personality.
Thank you for providing us with such an extraordinary addition to our family.

dru and emma 
- march 2012

Hi everyone!
That's Emma in the front right and all of her friends! She is responsible for my new little side business of doggie daycare! These are friends of hers she met at the dog park. Today they happen to all be here at once! She's my little socialite!
Hope all is well with you all and thanks again for the best little dog in the world!


 - january 2011

 Just wanted to give you an update on our precious baby we got from you one year ago on Saturday (Jan 15th), Penny (formerly Emily ) a West Highland Terrier from Elsie and Fabio. With all the changes we've had this year I've not had the chance to write until now but anyways, Penny is literally my heart, from day one she has been the sweetest, smartest loving girl that has such a huge character despite her small stature.  My sister is a Vet and upon examination when we first obtained Penny, remarked about what a beautiful example she was for her breed and that she was in great health.  Penny loves to run around outside on our 65 acre farm and explore through the hay and barns (she probably should have been named Dora), her best friend is my in-laws border collie and even though he is five times her size she still plays like they were equals.  One of her funny habits is that she will "kill" her stuffed toys, she has very many stuffed toys but the only ones that she has "killed" has been her rat, raccoon, rabbit and beaver all the others are intact must be that terrier instinct.  My Husband tells me all the time that he knew this dog was going to be mine and thought she was just going to be a little "fancy" girl and can't believe how much he's come to love this sweet, rough-and-tumble girl.  Again thank you so much for all your help with the adoption, she has literally become the love of my life (next to my husband of course) God bless and hopefully we'll have another adoption soon. 

- january 2011

We just wanted to touch base and let you know that Dewey (a.k.a "Benz") is doing great. (He was born in March 2010 and we picked him up from you May 2010). He is so smart and affectionate. He loves everyone: dogs, cats, and people. We can't imagine life without him.
I'm attaching the photo of him that we used on our Christmas card this year.

mary ann and bob 
- january 2011

Dear staff at Golden Doodle Spot Home -

We wanted to send you a few photos of our little schnorkie, Coco.  We adopted Coco on Thanksgiving Day 2010.  Her birth name was Betsy, but when we saw her beautiful chocolate coat, we decided on Coco for her name.  She is the center of our household now and it seems like we can't remember life without her!  She has the sweetest personality and gets along very well with other dogs.  She is also so gentle with our grand daughter and other children and is the perfect fit for our family.  She does like her play time and enjoys her chew toys most of all.  We are spending the winter in Florida and she is happy to have the sunshine and loves to go on walks in the neighborhood.  Best of all, she likes to cuddle in the evening while we read or watch TV.

We want to thank you all for giving us this little bundle of joy!  We felt really good when we came to visit and observed the environment the puppies were in.  We will recommend you to anyone looking for healthy and loving pets!

tom and karen
- november 2010

Dear Amber,
We can hardly believe that Olivia (aka Cheyenne) has just celebrated her first birthday! When she arrived at the airport on February 12 and sprang out of her crate, we had no idea how fast she'd take over our hearts and lives! We can't imagine a sweeter, more loving and playful little girl than Olivia. She keeps us constantly amused with her outgoing, bigger-than-life personality. She loves everyone, and is comfortable wherever she goes thanks to how you successfully socialized her!

Olivia is now moving on to her first holiday season, and is very curious about all the lights and decorations. She occasionally wants to "help" by un-decorating our tree, but especially enjoys the small parties with extra company to entertain. Life is her daily adventure!

warner family
- november 2010

Dear Golden Doodle Spot Home family,

We wanted to let you know this Thanksgiving how blessed we are to have "June" (Goldendoodle) with us.  We fell in love with her picture on your website and now she has us wrapped around her little paws.  We have renamed her Maisy and she is a wonderful addition to our family.  We brought her home and it is like she has always been here.    It's hard to believe that we have only had her not quite 3 weeks.  We have 4 daughters and they can't wait to play with her when they get home.  She has plenty of kisses for them too.  Our other 2 dogs are adjusting to her and the cat is a favorite friend of Maisy's.    Our family and friends are amazed at how well behaved she is. We have passed around your brochures at work and who knows maybe one of them will make the 21/2 hour trip down to see your puppies too.  We told them that it is a well worth it trip.

- november 2010

I bought my little Lizzie from you in the summer of 2007 and I am still just ecstatic over her.  She’s healthy, she’s happy, and--I can say this without bias even if I am her Momma—she’s a gorgeous little girl.  When I bought her, Deb told me she would be the kind to come running to greet me when I come in the door and that’s exactly what she does.  She looks so sad when I have to leave her; she lies on the back of the couch and looks out the front window until I get home.  I’m not the only one who spoils her; my parents are her grandparents.  The grandparents insisted that Lizzie go to Doggy Day Care while I’m at work so she won’t be lonely.  So she does.  She’s super friendly with everyone there—she sits in the desk chair at the day care entrance and greets everyone who is coming or going.  She is their star pupil in the training program; the trainer uses her to show new clients what the dogs can do with training.  She has even starred in a television commercial for the vet’s office!  The training is a bonus; I just wanted her taken care of while I work but I am proud of her anyway.  She is exactly what I needed and what I wanted.  I had lost a little dog, Caleb, to liver failure just a few months before adopting Miss Lizzie and I was a little afraid to let another pup into my heart but she has been a great comfort--and a lot of fun besides.  Thank you for what you do.  Thank you for being a conscientious breeder.  I can’t thank you enough.  These little ones come into your heart and life and it is hard to let them go, even when they have had a long life, which wasn’t the case for Caleb.  I don’t dwell on the loss of Caleb but I do think about the differences between Caleb and Liz, and how grateful I am that you take such good care of the selection of parents and that you take such good care of the puppies while you have them.  Because so many people love the puppies, what you do affects so many lives.  Liz’s Grandma tells me occasionally “You should write the breeder and let them know how Liz is doing” and I keep telling her that I intend to.  Today, when Mom sent photos from her camera I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share

john and carol 
- november 2010

Dear Staff,

Thank you doesn't express our pleasure with Terrance, a miniature schnauzer my wife & I adopted last January. November 12th was his 1st birthday. I have included some pictures to post with our sincere thanks for our bundle of joy. I would give my enthusiastic endorsement for your enterprise as a high quality breeder of small breed puppies. 

-november 2010

My name is Jody Armstrong and I purchased a black schnauzer pup Jan 13. Her name is now Libby but you had named her Destiny. She just turned one year old last week and she is very much a part of our family.
Libby is my third schnauzer in a row and she has turned out to be the most loving, smartest, and most perfect dog I have ever owned. Oh and I forgot she is beautiful too! Her disposition is always the best and she loves people, other animals, and kids!!
Thank you so much for letting me purchase one of your outstanding dogs and I highly recommend you to ANYONE who is looking for a puppy. 

Stan and joy
-september 2010

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know Patches arrived safely around 5pm on Friday. He was very friendly and didn't seem like the flight bothered him at all. He's been very good at night and only let out a couple of squeaks before settling down. He only gets up once a night to go potty and then goes straight back to sleep. When he wants to go outside he comes up to us and squeaks, he's only had a couple of accidents in the house, I was expecting a lot more to start with.
We changed his name to Scamp at the request of our grandchildren and the name really suits him, he knows it already and comes running when we call him. He is such a loveable little guy and so funny. My husband said we should have called him Mickey as he squeaks like a mouse.
We had him to the vet yesterday and she said he was very healthy; all the nurses fell in love with him. I will keep you up with his progress and send a picture when he gets a bit bigger. 
Thanks for everything!

shirley and ron 
-august 2010


She is just doing beautifully - even getting better at the potty training - but is she ever stubborn. She just lies down in the grass instead of "doing her stuff". I am surprised she wasn't sleeping alone because from the first night she has slept about 9 hours a night. The only things in her "cage" are the blanket and toy you sent home with her. We have named her Emma and I think she is beginning to recognize that we're talking to her.
We are just so happy we took the time and trouble to go to Golden Doodle Spot Home because she is such a super little girl and your place is just perfect. She is so socialized with other dogs and with us humans. We have had a lot of people over to see her.
I will be sure to let our new vet (who we will meet at 11:15 tomorrow) and the groomer (who she sees at 10 am on Wednesday) knows about Golden Doodle Spot Home so they can pass on the web site to anyone interested in a new puppy.
We got her flea and tick medication on Saturday. I'm sure she will look different with her new "do". If your web site accepts pictures I'll send you one of the "after" photos. If not, let me know and I will put some snapshots in the mail to you. 


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